Frequently Asked Questions

What Guests Want to Know

Condo access, early check in / late check out?

Your condo’s owner or management company should provide you with instructions on how to access your condo’s door via key or code. Your arrival and departure times should be arranged in advance with them. Our Homeowners Office and our Staff are not involved in rentals and have no authority to provide access to condos or change your check-in/out times.

The office in the lobby is closed! How do I register my family or our vehicle?

Separate from any agreement you’ve signed with your rental contact, you must register with the Homeowners Office WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ARRIVAL. A legal waiver to use the common facilities is required. In an emergency, the manager is allowed to access any condo 24/7, so the registration form lets us know if a condo is occupied before entering.

If the Office is closed, please ensure you provide COMPLETE info on the registration form listing your vehicle make/model and license plate number. A parking pass will be issued by the Office so please stop by the Office during open hours to get yours. Failure to promptly register your vehicle on the registration form may result in it being towed as unauthorized to park in our lot.

At departure, checking out with the Homeowners Office is not required. However, if you have arranged to extend your stay beyond your initial plans, please advise the Homeowners Office.

Luggage holds for early arrivals or late departures?

Sorry, there are no facilities on property to temporarily store your luggage.

Are there luggage carts available?

There are three mini shopping carts in the first floor lobby closet (left of elevators) suitable for helping get groceries to your condo.  Please return them to the closet immediately after use so they are ready for your neighbors to use too.  We do not have bellhop style luggage carts.

I lost or didn’t receive my code to the pool gates or rooftop door?

Call your condo’s owner or management company contact. They are responsible to provide you with this info.

I’m locked out of my condo or the door code doesn’t work?

Call your condo’s owner or management company contact. All rentals are required to have an on-island contact by Hawaii law. A list of on-island emergency contacts for each rental condo is posted by the Homeowner Office window. Our Homeowner Association staff is not allowed to let you into your condo.

What can I access with my codes?

The pool gates, lobby door, basement restrooms, roof garden restroom and library (2nd floor) all use the same common access code you should have been given by your rental contact.  Because of its unique nature and required safety precautions, the roof garden entrance door has a code that is unique and traceable to your unit.  Please do not share codes with others.  You may be held responsible for the actions of anyone you share your code with.

What are the hours of various amenities on property?

POOL:  9 AM to 8:30 PM every day (NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY)

ROOF GARDEN:  9 AM to 10 PM every day (may close at 9 PM if unoccupied).  Your door access  code WILL NOT work outside of these hours.

RECYCLING (Basement): 7 AM to 9 PM every day

HOMEOWNERS OFFICE:  8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday (closed for lunch 12-12:30).  Closed Weekends & Holidays

QUIET HOURS: 10 PM to 8 AM everywhere on property.  Please be mindful of this when walking down hallways or when enjoying moonlight or the break of dawn on your lanai!

LENDING LIBRARY:  Available 24/7.  The lending library is on the second floor next to condo #209.  Please feel free to borrow a book during your stay or leave one for others to enjoy.

Where can I smoke or vape?

Smoking or vaping of any substance  is NOT allowed ANYWHERE on Royal Mauian property except in the designated smoking section under the plumeria tree in the center of the parking lot.  This is strictly enforced with a $250 fine, no warnings are given.  You may not smoke or vape inside units or on the lanai.  Smoking is NOT ALLOWED OUTDOORS — on the lawn, roof garden, pool, lobby, hallways or anywhere in the parking lot other than the designated area.  Note that it is illegal to smoke in public parks and beaches anywhere in Hawaii.

Items in condo not working (appliances/remotes/TV/internet/air conditioning, etc) or my condo isn’t clean?

Call the condo owner, management company or on-island contact number provided with your reservation information.

I see bugs in my condo?

Maui is a tropical climate and a few bugs are to be expected, such as small ants and cockroaches. You can help by not leaving open food on the counters, wipe up spills immediately and take out the trash frequently. Don’t bring or store cardboard boxes in the condo – roaches love cardboard and may already be living in the boxes. If there are more than a few bugs, notify the Homeowners Office or your rental contact. The condo interiors are sprayed quarterly. You may not turn away the pest control technicians if they come during your stay.

I want to host others or have an event during my stay at Royal Mauian?

Unfortunately, rental guests are not allowed to share our common areas with others who are not registered and staying on property. Even groups who rent several condos together are not allowed to monopolize common areas. As such, no weddings, receptions, or  rehearsal dinners are permitted.  Also, anniversary, birthday or other celebrations in common areas may only include guests registered and staying on property. Our pool area has approximately 30 chairs and our roof garden has a fire safety maximum of 50 people. With 250-300 registered occupants each day, there simply isn’t any room to host others who are not registered to stay at the property or to hold large gatherings.

Can I receive packages during my stay or have items sent ahead of my arrival?

The Homeowners Office does not accept packages on behalf of guests. This includes rented baby items, wheelchairs and home health aids. If you have a package shipped, it must be delivered directly to your condo door or shipped to your on-island rental contact who may deliver it to you.  NOTE: Only FedEx & UPS deliver to the door — US POSTAL SERVICE DELIVERS ONLY TO LOCKED MAILBOXES IN THE LOBBY, INCLUDING PACKAGES. Please know that online retailers like Amazon frequently use the US Postal Service to ship items to Maui,  So unless the condo owner has provided you a mailbox key, your package will not be retrievable. Also, many of the rental condo mailboxes are marked not to accept mail, so the Post Office may reject your package and return it to sender.

Replacement Supplies (toilet paper, soap, laundry detergent, etc)?

Most rental condos provide guests with a “starter” supply of paper products and soap. Unlike hotels, many rental condo owners have a policy that the rental guest must supply their own needs beyond the starter kit. If you are unsure, contact your condo’s owner or property management company. The Homeowners Office does not supply these items. Stores such as Hawaiian Moons, Whaler’s General Store and ABC are across the street and supermarkets such as Foodland, Times or Safeway are one to three miles away.

Laundry / Cleaning Services?

Ask your rental contact about availability of these services. Do not leave any items for pick up (such as laundry) outside your condo door. The hallway is a common area, so items left in this area may be disposed of.

Arranging Tee Times, Restaurant Reservations, Excursions, Tours, etc.?

Guests are encouraged to venture out and enjoy all the wonderful experiences that Maui offers. However, this means that you will need to be responsible for making your own reservations. As a condominium residence, we do not have a concierge to do that for you. Many of the rental owners and property managers can help you with this or there are some excellent websites and blogs with lots of information.

Arranging for Pre-Arrival Grocery Delivery, Gift Baskets, Flowers, Champagne or Other Items?

Special arrangements for these services must be made directly by you or your rental contact. The Homeowners Office is unable to arrange this and can’t provide access to any condo for advance delivery or set up of these items.

Rented Bikes, Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards?

Rented standup paddle or surfboards may not be taken into condos or stored on lanais or common lawn areas. This includes the grass area in front of the first floor lanais. They are not to be transported through the lobby, taken in the elevators or up the stairs. Royal Mauian has a temporary storage space for stand up paddle boards or surfboards only. Sorry but kayaks, canoes and the like cannot be accommodated on property. Storage cages are located in the south driveway near the basement. Ask the Homeowners Office or your rental contact for the lock code to the board cages. There is a bicycle rack on the south end of the building. We recommend you bring your own locks to secure your items in these areas. Storage is shared and used at your own risk of loss.

Playing Sports / Launching Drones On Property?

While we like to see everyone having fun, activities such as throwing balls, playing lawn games, riding skateboards, flying drones and other sporting activities put others in the area at risk. For liability reasons, we require that you take all such activity to Kamaole I Park next door or to the beach.

Fitness Center?

We do not have a fitness center on property.

What Can The Staff On Property Do For Me?

The staff on property is employed by the Homeowners Association. They are not involved in rentals and can’t help you with access to your condo, changes to your reservation, acceptance of packages, equipment failures, messages for other guests or problems inside your condo (with the exception of a dire emergency such as flooding). They are not allowed to take direction from or perform any personal services for rental guests. They do not accept tips from rental guests. If you see a problem on property in the common areas, you may point this out to our staff for attention.

Does the Manager or Staff Have Authority to Enter Private Condos?

As a condominium building, the Staff/Homeowners Board have a legal right and obligation to enter individual condos to perform building-related maintenance services or to respond to emergency issues such as floods. Advance notification of planned maintenance is posted in the lobby and in the elevators. Before entering, staff will knock loudly. If no one answers, they will enter the condo with a key/code that has been provided to them by the condo owner.

The staff reads the electric meter inside each condo on a quarterly basis and pest control spraying is also done quarterly.  Unfortunately, as a rental guest, you are not allowed to opt out of these services if they occur during your stay.


Trash chute closets are located to the left of the elevators on each floor.  Please deposit bagged trash only – no boxes as they will jam the chute.  Do not leave anything on the floor of the trash chute closet.  There is very limited recycling available in the basement. Please read the signs on what is allowed as it is probably very different from what you can recycle back home. Please sort your recycling into aluminum cans, glass, and plastic. Flatten cardboard boxes. All other items must be disposed of in the trash chute or directly into the dumpster near the recycle bins.

Leftover Food?

Unopened non-perishable food may be left at the Homeowners Office during office hours and the staff will donate it.  Please do not leave food in the trash closets or in the lobby.

Tap Water Safety? 

The tap water in the condos is safe to drink. It is groundwater from the Iao Aquifer located under the West Maui Mountains. It is naturally filtered by lava rocks and then disinfected. We encourage you to use water bottles and tap water rather than bottled water to help with plastic waste on the island.

Property Safety?

Remember to lock your vehicle, do not leave valuables in view, do not leave keys or key fobs inside the vehicle. Make sure the condo door locks when you leave – some locks require a button to be pushed after the door closes. First floor occupants should keep lanai doors locked when not inside, even when nearby on the lawn or in the pool.

Lost & Found?

If you lose an item while on property, check with the Homeowners Office to see if someone has turned it in. If you discover that you’ve lost or left an item after you’ve departed, call your reservation contact. Our staff is unable to retrieve items from condos or to send items back once you’ve left.

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