Already Have a Reservation?

Arrival Preparation Tips


Ensure you have the following:

  • Arrival instructions from your host or rental contact
  • Allowable check in / check out times
  • Your condo number & code/key to get in
  • Codes to doors/gates of property amenities (pool, roof, etc.)
  • Name/phone of on-island contact for problems within condo or for emergencies such as lockouts (required by Hawaii law)
  • Save time!! Bring your completed REGISTRATION FORMS with you. Then just add your rental vehicle info to the form upon arrival and place it in the dropbox in the Lobby. That’s “Akamai!” (Smart!)

Staff Limitations – IMPORTANT

Our Homeowners Office and Staff can’t assist with access to your rental condo, change check in/out times or hold your luggage.


  1. Park your vehicle in an available space. Parking is by permit only, spaces are not assigned. One vehicle per rental condo.
  2. If the Office is open: Complete a registration form & obtain a parking pass. It must be displayed on the rearview mirror at all times.
  3. If the Office is closed, please provide COMPLETE info in all spaces on the forms and SIGN both the registration form and rules acknowledgment form. Deposit these forms in the Lobby dropbox WITHIN 24 HOURS OF ARRIVAL, Remember to list your vehicle make/model and license plate number. A parking pass will then be issued by the Office — please stop by the Office during open hours to get yours. Failure to promptly register your vehicle on the registration form may result in it being towed as unauthorized to park in our lot.
  4. Find your way to your condo, settle in and enjoy!


Call your rental contact or the on-island contact you were provided. Please do not call the Homeowners Association emergency line.

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